Rapidly transform, awaken your hidden powers and D-tox your body, mind and emotions.
A revolutionary course designed to uncover your hidden powers and abilities. Reshape, develop high energy, focus, motivation and mental clarity, heal your body, calm your mind and achieve your goals faster and at ease.

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Clearathon means "Cleansing marathon". It is a multipurpose author's online program, which is designed to transform and advance all aspects of your BEING in 10 days – your body shape, energy level, nutrition, lifestyle, strength, flexibility, focus, mindset, attitude, confidence and relationships in less time then ever before.

This program is a fusion of yoga, biohacking, neuroscience, energy works through meditation and breath exercises, body cleansing & detox kriyas, empowerment, manifestation and personal development techniques.
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Do you find it difficult to get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite despite diets and intensive training routines, don't have energy to get things done and feel tired and exhausted all the time, doubt yourself & lack confidence to pursue your dreams, reshape your body, increase stamina, strength and flexibility?

You have applied all of the strategies and yet still past wounds, fears, doubts, pain, suffering, shame, guilt, unworthiness, destructive limiting believes and negative programming do not let you to move on and to live your life in full potential; you try to remember of who you truly are and is seeking the purpose of your life; you're unable to focus for extended periods & worse yet, you procrastinate, & you still don't understand why.

If that sounds like you, prepare yourself because I am about to blow the lid on why the advice from the self-help gurus who bark at you to stop making excuses is simplistic at best & dangerous at worst. It's time for paradigms to shift.

FINALLY, learn how to become THE MASTER of your body, mind and life based on neuroscience, nutrition, modern detox and ancient yogic energy boost techniques, psychology & biohacking in the fully immersive 35-days to "Clearathon" programme that will leave you speechless & ready to take on the world.

Join the "Clearathon" - multipurpose and fully immersive program starting on Sunday, Janjuary 5th, 2020 to reach your goals faster, with greater ease, less frustration & zero guilt in 10 days.

With daily physical, energy and mental practices, biohacking techniques, informative lectures, by creating awareness and by embracing the knowledge of your True Self, you will be able to conduct daily self-study, awaken hidden potentials, high energy resources and will witness your personal rapid transformation.

All the above will help you to identify your personal weak points, limiting believes and destructive programs, which you will learn how effectively to obliterate. Each participant will achieve long lasting results, will find all the solutions and will have all the tools and techniques needed for their future self-development, transformation and advancement.

Note: The abundant information in the "Clearathon" is the outcome of many years of study, research, practices and personal experiences; it has been timetabled within the study material for easy absorption and integration to daily life.
This course is for those, who
Wakes up in the morning tired and with low energy.
Seeks to reshape their physical body and minimize stubborn fat by physical, mental and emotional detox.
Wants to boost the overall energy level and restore balance between their entire energetic network, major and minor chakras, meridians and channels.
Wants to increase mental focus and concentration and become more effective and productive.
Needs to increase stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility.
Wants to remember their true life purpose and restore the connections between mind, body and spirit.
Desperately needs to clear mental and emotional wounds, trauma, remove limiting believes and negative programming and discover their hidden innate potentials.
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    Online Participation in all online lectures
    Daily Q&A
    Chat Group (1 question per day)
    Kriya (cleansing) techniques
    10 pranayama breath exercises
    Participation in Prize and Gifts campaign**

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Daily reporting and feedback
Online Participation in all online lectures
Daily Q&A
Private Chat Group
Kriya (cleansing) techniques
10 pranayama breath exercises
12 meditations
7 yang practices
7 yin practices 3 cardio fitness programs
Personal Situation Analysis individually
All lectures, yoga, fitness and meditations recordings will be available for 6 months post-program.
Participation in Prize and Gifts campaign**
2 bonus meditations
1 "Yoga Intention" set (pdf file and video lesson)
3 personal consultations valid within 30 days of post-program mentorship
1 individually prepared nutrition plan
1 personal yoga video lesson (designed according to your personal needs and body type)
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What You'll Get
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Lecture 1: Introduction Day
Main principles of D-tox and Cleansing. Vegetarianism for physical, mental and spiritual health. Digestive System. Stress. Why is it important to stay Alkaline, calm and relaxed?
Learn more
Lecture 2: All about Health and High Energy Nutrition
Foundation of our well-being, beauty, high energy, live food and drinks. How diet effects the mind? Principles of Nutrition.
Lecture 3: How to boost Metabolism?
Why our bodies are designed to move and not to sit. Importance of Exercise and breath. All about lymphatic system and Metabolism. How to improve elimination processes in the body and increase Metabolism ecologically.
Lecture 4: Cravings
What? Why? How? Tips to deal with cravings. Mental Blocks. Relationship with Fat. Psychosomatic.
Lecture 5: Where and how to get super-powers?
Food, hydration, supplements, vitamins, exercise, pranayamas and meditations.
Lecture 6: Kriyas - Basics of Physical Cleansing and D-tox
Removal of waste products and toxins at home. Importance of healthy guts. How the cleansing will be done during the Clearathon?
PRANAYAMA – Breath Exercises
1. Full Breath
2. Kumbhaka
3. Udjayi
4. Bhastrika
5. Kabalabhati
6. Nadi Shodhana
7. Sitali
8. Bhramari
9. Ratios and Timing
10. Bandhas

1. Mindfulness
2. 1 & 2 Energy Balance
3. Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
4. Immersion (relaxation)
5. Self-Love and healing the Inner Child
6. Yoga Nidra 1 - deep relaxation
7. Yoga Nidra 2 - immersion / awakening
8. Limiting Believes & Negative Programming
9. Fears
10. Forgiveness
11. Empowerment
12. Self-Healing
KRIYAS* – Yogic Cleansing Techniques
*below terms will be explained in depth during their respective sessions
1. Tratak
2. Jala Neti
3. Kabalabhati
4. Dhauiti
5. Nauli
6. Basti
Warm up
2.1. Healthy Joints
2.2. Grounding (Forward folds and Hip Openers)
2.3. Muscle Growth (Core and Arm Balances)
2.4. Yoga Fit (Lymphatic system activation)
2.5. Open Heart (Backbends, Shoulders and Chest Openers)
2.6. Flexibility Increase
2.7. Energy Boost (Twists & Inversions)
3.1. Hormone Balance
3.2. Anti-stress
3.3. Kidneys and Urinary Bladder Meridians
3.4. Liver and Gallbladder Meridians
3.5. Spleen and Stomach
3.6. Lungs and Large Intestines
3.7. Heart and Small Intestines
4.1. Stamina & Endurance
4.2. Muscle Growth
4.3. Fat Reduction
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