Hello and Namaste, dear Friend !

I am Natalia Fata and I am very happy to welcome you to the wonderful world of yoga and a beautiful and interesting journey of self discovery.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT 500 and YACEP Trainer with 20 years of yoga experience and over 12 years of experience in teaching yoga in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga styles. My main goal either through teaching yoga or coaching is to help all my clients to experience the joy of wholeness by bringing them into balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. Every day I do my best to inspire people to find enjoyment, love, happiness, inspiration, harmony and meaning in their lives.
My Story
Your Personal Yoga Teacher and Mentor - Natalia Fata
My yoga journey began in 2000 through a book that gave me all the answers and inspired me to practice yoga regularly. Then in 2008 I had a very painful condition with my spine ( I could not sit or lay down for two months without painkillers). Doctors could not find what it was. I took the situation in my hand and gently by listening to the needs of my body within two weeks fixed myself and that pain never came back. That experience taught me that we are the masters of our lives, health and reality, and that we can heal ourselves when we tune in and become whole.

I have been traveling the world to train, study and practice with some of world's most renowned yoga experts, and leading nutrition and holistic teaching specialists. Inspired by the healing powers of Yoga, I have acquired throughout years of practice the gift of understanding the human body and soul, and its needs. My teaching derives from a wealth of studies, personal experiences, and working with a diversity of students and clients over the last decade. I aim to live a yogic lifestyle and lead my trainings in a way that reflects this choice.

I run my private practice as a yoga instructor, energy therapist, regressionist and transformational catalyst. I help my students and clients connect their mind, body and spirit. I have a gift of awakening people's hearts, connecting them to the higher energy sources and expanding their consciousness. I always encourage self-empowerment and provide ways to fulfil the unimaginable potential of each individuals unique path in life, by releasing dependence on past conditioning, fears, limiting beliefs and protocol. My gift, careful planning and energy reading permit me to help all levels of students and clients overcome a wide range of physical, emotional and mental obstacles.

My trainings are always delivered in a thought provoking ways letting the students reach beyond the limits of the mind, challenging them physically and emotionally for all levels, include minimal demonstrations and maximum hands on assists. I always create a safe space in which everyone can access their personal truth, connect to their soul, identify their authentic self and discover deeper degrees of self-awareness and joy. I help my students and clients connect their mind, body and spirit, while discovering the inner truth of one's self.

I follow my passion in teaching yoga worldwide and I enjoy guiding and coaching people towards their magnificence through a yogic journey of self-discovery.

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Much love and Namaste,

Your personal Yoga Trainer and Mentor,
Natalia Fata


  • Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer registered with International Yoga Alliance, USA (E-RYT 500 certification);
  • Fitness nutritionist;
  • Energy therapist;
  • Owner and lead trainer of the international, Yoga-certified Alliance, school of "The Art of Yoga" 200 and 300-hours teacher training of yoga, meditation, kriya and pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Founder and author of the "Clearathon" - transformational yogic cleansing, energy boost and personal development program;
  • Regressionist;
  • Trainer and practitioner of psycho-energy techniques, aiming to work with subconscious mind and balancing, healing and increasing human energy levels through deep meditations;
  • Visceral therapist;


Received multiple education in various areas: yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, yoga detox, cleansing and restorative practices, anatomy, fitness-nutriciology, regression and energy therapy in different cities of the world (Moscow, Kiev, San Francisco, Cape Town, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Istanbul);

  • 160 hours Insight Yoga Certificate with Sarah Powers (Yin and Yang Yoga practices for working with acupuncture meridians, mindfulness and pranayama)
  • 500 hours Certificate of "The Path of Hatha Yoga" advanced yoga training with Chris Chavez
  • 40 hours Ashtanga Yoga Certificate (Primary Series Teacher Training) with David Swenson
  • 40 hours Ashtanga Yoga Certificate (Primary Series Teacher Training) with Richard Freeman
  • 40 hours Certificate of yoga therapy and yoga cleansing techniques from Dr. Neslihan Iskit
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Certificate from Swami Satyananda Saraswati Certificate (1st level) for visceral and manual therapy from Prof. A.T. Ogulov
  • "The Labyrinth" Energy Healing and Regression Certificate from Vernon Frost
  • "Fitness Nutritionist" Certificate, Fitness Lyceum
  • Ongoing "Anatomy Training" certification program with Leslie Kaminoff
  • Additionally Studied & participated in workshops with the yoga lead trainers: Sharon Gannon, David Life, Dave Farmar, Dharma Mitra, Meghan Currie, Ana Forest, Andrey Siderskiy, Andrey Lapa, Tymi Howard.


  • Received an award from "Dubai Fitness Community" as a Lead Yoga Teacher who made the greatest contribution to the development and sustainability of yoga community in Dubai, UAE.
  • Successful completion "The Art of Yoga" - international 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training courses in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, Dubai, UAE.
  • Conducted and hosted many workshops, master classes, yoga and anatomy trainings, webinars on yoga nutrition and practice, energy work, personal development.
  • Two successful intensive "Clearathon" programs in 2018.
  • Successful 12-weeks "Yoga For Beginners" online training in 2018.


  • Mother of 2 girls;
  • Lived abroad for almost 20 years;
  • Visited more than 30 countries;
  • More than 20 years of personal practice and more than 12 years of teaching yoga, meditation, pranayama, energy therapy and personal development practices;
  • Achieving steady financial growth and comfortable living through intention and manifestation works;
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