9 weeks Holistic Life & Conscious Expansion online course
with Natalia Fata

05 Jan – 04 Mar, 2021

About the course
Right before the Winter Solstice and New Year restore a good connection with channels of vital energy and life force, expand your consciousness, initiate rapid transformations in physical body, relationships, career and life in general with this revolutionary, mind and life changing 9-weeks immersive course with Natalia Fata this fall.

This exclusive training is the gentle initiation and immersion which gives the opportunity to reach a whole new level of healing, divine energy, vitality and life force.

Most people take this revolutionary and life-changing training in order to unlock their well-being, new resources of hidden powers, to understand themselves and their true desires / goals, to heal relationships, to regain inner happiness and harmony, to restore connection with the Soul and Higher Self, become vibrant, happy and resourceful. With 18 insightful and unique lectures + 15 authors meditations + 10 specialty yoga classes heal yourself and start taking benefits from your Life, open towards Happiness, Health and Abundance by joining and upgrading yourself over 9- weeks.

The main purpose of this training is to give a deep understanding, lasting results, necessary working tools and instruments how to restore and fill up with life force in order to effect, attract desired events and manifest intentions. The 1st level through full immersion and combination of yoga, meditation, regressive hypnosis, pranayama, tantra practices, metaphysics and holistic ancient techniques will bring a long-lasting balance between body, mind, soul and life force. The first level is an activation and beginning of spiritual growth, self-development, manifestation and connection to higher states of consciousness.

What you will learn during the training
Energy Anatomy (Nadis, 11 Chakras, Energy waste, cords & parasites) & how to work with it
Universal Laws & 3 main energy sources of vibrant and balanced life
How to work with and balance 5 Elements (earth, fire, water, air and ether)
Cleansing techniques for Physical Body, Space, Aura
Energy Raising Techniques
How to develop intuition and inner vision
Healing relationships with Family, ex-partners, unborn children
How to purify from toxic emotions, anxiety, conditioning and other people's problems
Identify, heal and transform fears, limiting believes and destructive programs
How to restore energy connection with parents
Initial work with the ancestors and family destructive programs
How to transform fears and limiting beliefs into unconditional love
Increased awareness and clarity in daily life
How to manifest your intentions and attract desired events into your life
How to develop mindfulness, mental focus and Concentration
Energy Protection for the Self, family and space
Basic Psychosomatics & Self-Healing Techniques
Yogic Lifestyle and High-Vibrational Nutrition
Connecting to the Higher Self
Finding Life Purpose and Mission
What to expect during the training?
In order to quickly reach a new level and good results, you will inevitably have to be dedicated and work hard during this 9 weeks holistic and transformative course.

Your body will immediately begin to fill with life force, and you will feel changes physically, mentally and emotionally. All unprocessed feelings, emotions and fears will come up to the surface and you will learn how to work and heal them. Your subconsciousness will start expanding from the week. Since the body did not get used to living at such speeds and high frequency, it will start purifying immediately and for some participants this kind of cleansing may be slightly discomforting. That is why it is highly recommended to prepare your physical body by eliminating animal products, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine from your diet 4 days prior the course start date. The initiation and activation process will require you to be fully committed to your goal of healing, raising your vibration and upgrading your life.

From the first week you will experience miraculous insights and "AHA" moments. Think of this course as an opportunity to finally get working life-changing results and activate deep process of awakening. From week 1 you will see your daily changes, see how the whole group and everyone's aimed results and transformations will start happening next to you. You will witness your own and others' life-changing results and it will be incredibly motivating, supportive and inspiring to you.

99.9% of people who coped with intensity, had a clear vision and internal intent for this training, achieved tangible lasting life-changing results.

05 Jan - 05 Mar 2021

Tuesdays and Thursdays
20:30 - 22:30 - Dubai Time
What makes Natalia Fata's trainings so effective and special?
"Only us can heal ourselves, no one else. It is our main goal in life to stay connected to our True Self, and only through this connection we can obtain everything we desire. Namaste " - Natalia Fata
"She is real. She is a masterful guide, healer and metaphysician. She is relevant and fun. Her knowledge, inspiring and informative teachings combine entertaining real life stories with transformational wisdom and insights. "

"The lessons that she shares will truly create lasting results in the lives of those that hear or study with her."

"Apart from being a yoga teacher Natalia is also a transformational catalyst. She has a gift of awakening people's hearts, connecting them to the higher energy sources and expanding their consciousness. She encourages positivity, self-empowerment and provides ways to fulfil the unimaginable potential of each individuals unique path in life, by releasing dependence on past conditioning, fears, limiting beliefs and protocol."

"Natalia always creates a safe space in which everyone can access their personal truth, connect to their soul, identify their authentic self and discover deeper degrees of self-awareness and joy. With Natalia you will definitely examine your false personalities and will get to the essence of your true being."

"She delivers all the material in a very easy and comprehensive manner by using lot of practical knowledge, real-life stories, visuals and shares her energy, experience and knowledge with everyone. You really feel how dedicated and passionate she is to her life purpose and to every participant."
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