Free Online Yoga
Here is my very special gift to the #humanity and #yogacommunity.

From 12/09 till 28/11 this year I am starting a FREE ONLINE YOGA MARATHON in Hatha Flow style. Anyone can join and easily register through the link below.

* Yoga lovers,
* Yoga beginners, who wish to learn the basics without being intimidated
* Busy yogis,
* Shy yogis, who would rather not practice in front of strangers or at a crowded facility
* And especially for those who always wanted but did not know where and how to begin.
* Regular practitioners, who wish to deepen and take their practice to the next level

JOIN ME by clicking and registering
We will be moving mindfully from one pose to the next. You will feel the natural progression of the practice from beginning to end. Each class starts with a warm-up and breathing practice, moving with increased focus and intention to more strength, building poses and closing with deeply held stretches.

You will gain strength, flexibility and develop keen self-awareness as you learn to use your breath to flow. You will explore simple asanas, breathing, mediation, learning how to improve your flexibility and strength.
Note: Each class will be saved for another 48 hrs, so that you can practice yoga with me anytime and anywhere in the world. This link will be emailed you only if you are registered.