This online Yoga Alliance Certified course is uniquely designed to elevate your personal practice and yoga teaching skills, to expand your consciousness, to transform you, your life and make you a successful entrepreneur and internationally recognised, confident and skilful yoga teacher from the comfort of your home.
"The Art of Yoga" revolutionary course ONLINE
200-hrs YTT
SEP - DEC 2020
What to expect from this online training?
* This 3-month online 200-hrs Teacher Training will be taught through private links. The trainings will be conducted on the Middle East weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) - three weekends every month.

* Classes will range for 7-8 hours of daily studies and you will have enough time to study and digest the information in between. Also you will have access to me privately for any questions or clarifications.

* All classes are recorded and shared with you to refer back to at any time. It gives you flexibility to study at your own pace and have access to the course resources forever.

* Classes split into theory lectures, live discussions and physical practice. There are also weekly homework, self-study, monthly tests and practice exams that you will be assessed on prior your certification.
Online 200-hrs YTT (Sep - Dec 2020)
International Yoga Alliance certified 200-hrs Yoga Teacher Training starting in Sep 2020
Get ready for your personal transformation. This revolutionary teacher training journey online in 3 months will change you, your life and will support you further to grow in ways you never imagined. And this all will happen from the comfort of your home.

This training is ideal for those who are working during the week, residing in the Middle East and who has a desire to learn and to deepen their knowledge in yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching yoga and become a skilful, confident, inspiring and internationally recognised RYT 200 yoga teacher.

Upon successful completion of the course you receive the 200-hrs Yoga Alliance certificate which is internationally recognised and which gives you the right to teach yoga all over the world.
"The Art of Yoga" Teacher Training Course content will be delivered in an approachable, fun style via live-streamed videos, audio lectures, written PDFs and live discussions.
Techniques, Training & Practice Skills
Yoga Philosophy & Yoga History
Anatomy & Kinesiology
Anatomical Posture Analysis, Assessment & Body Reading
Movement & Flexibility
The Fascia & Myofascial Meridians
Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques and Teaching
Inside the Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita
Sanskrit - An Instrument of Yoga
Self-development & Psycho-technology of Yoga
Pranayama Techniques and Teaching
Chakras & Subtle Body Systems
Tantra, Nadis, Bandhas, Pranas & the Koshas
Grounding & Energy Management
Intro into Yin Yoga
Injury Management & Modifications
Students with Special Needs
Yoga Therapy (Level 1)
500 Asanas Lab & Alignment
Physical Adjustment
Teaching Methodology
Sequencing & Finding Your Voice
The Seat of a Teacher
Ethics, Qualities and Principles of a Yoga Teacher
Studio Classes vs Private Clients
Yoga, Money, Business!
Social Media Marketing for Facebook & Instagram
1 weekend - Sep 4-5
2 weekend - Sep 18-19
3 weekend - Sep 25-26
4 weekend - Oct 2-3
5 weekend - Oct 30-31
6 weekend - Nov 6-7
7 weekend - Nov 13-14
8 weekend - Nov 28-29
9 weekend - Dec 4-5
10 weekend - Dec 18-19
Note: The course will be delivered on Fridays and Saturdays.
09:00 - 13:30 Lectures & Practice
13:30 - 15:00 Break
15:00 - 18:30 Lectures

Note: Dubai, UAE Time
Course Fees

USD 1800 Early Bird (Paid in Full by August 5th, 2020)
USD 1900 Standard (Paid in Full by September 4th, 2020)
USD 2000 Financed (4 payments of USD 500.00) - in Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov
The Lead Trainer - Natalia Fata - E-RYT 500
Supporting Trainer - Sarah White - E-RYT 200

Note: - Sarah will be covering the Business of Yoga, Social Media and Development of Personal Brand lectures.
ONLINE on Zoom - 100% LIVE lectures and practice
Experience and Application Process
What prior experience or level of practice is required for the application?
We believe that everyone can benefit from taking "the Art of Yoga" 200-hrs teacher training course. The program is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery, and lead you on the path of becoming a great teacher if that is your calling! An open heart and an open mind allows for anything to be possible!

The Application Process:
  • Pay the non-refundable deposit
  • Fill out the application form
  • Send us a video recording or pictures with the list of asanas. We will evaluate your current level of practice in order to compare with your level upon graduation to see the results of the training and your personal practice.
  • Once your application is accepted - pay the remaining tuition fee
    Graduation Requirements
    • Attendance - be present at all lectures, in case if you are in a different time zone - to watch all lectures; complete all weekly tests and the final test with 70% pass grade;
    • Pass the monthly tests & complete all the tasks and homework;
    • send us a video or pictures with a list of asanas to evaluate the level of advancement of your personal practice (before and after the YTT) to see the results of the training;
    • design and record a 60-min yoga class from offered topics and teach it to a group of people (friends, relatives, community) where you will show newly gained skills as a yoga teacher - (communication, theme introduction and implementation with a physical practice, sequence, demos, use of props, physical and verbal adjustment, observations skills, and connection with students;
    • record a video where you will be mastering physical adjustments to a student in 25 yoga asanas to evaluate your hands-on experience.
    Upon successful completion of all the requirements you will receive you full 200-hrs YTT certificate, which you can register with the Yoga Alliance International and allows to teach yoga all over the world.
    Yoga Alliance International Certification
    Yoga Alliance is the governing body for yoga schools to help ensure the quality and content of yoga training programs and is recognised internationally. All "The Art of Yoga" training programs with Natalia Fata are fully recognised by the International Yoga Alliance. You will receive a 200 Hour certification recognised by Yoga Alliance upon successful completion of this course ( passing all the tests, attendance at 70% of live lectures, passing the final test and submitting 2 videos on teaching skills and physical adjustments). With this certificate graduates can register as a Yoga teacher on the RYT200 Level and it gives the right to them to teach yoga all over the world.

    For more information, visit:

    Dear Friend,
    I am Natalia Fata and I welcome you to join me for the next 3 months in your journey of personal transformation, self-discovery, growth and becoming a skilful, confident, inspiring and internationally recognised yoga teacher

    I am a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT 500 and YACEP Trainer with 20 years of yoga experience and over 12 years of experience in teaching yoga in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga styles. My main goal either through teaching yoga or coaching is to help all my clients to experience the joy of wholeness by bringing them into balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. Every day I do my best to inspire people to find enjoyment, love, happiness, inspiration, harmony and meaning in their lives.

    I have a gift of awakening people's hearts, connecting them to the higher energy sources and expanding their consciousness. I always encourage self-empowerment and provide ways to fulfil the unimaginable potential of each individuals unique path in life, by releasing dependence on past conditioning, fears, limiting beliefs and protocol.

    I always create a safe space in which everyone can access their personal truth, connect to their soul, identify their authentic self and discover deeper degrees of self-awareness and joy. I help my students and clients connect their mind, body and spirit, while discovering the inner truth of one's self.

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