7-days retreat with Natalia Fata during the Eid Holiday,
May 12-18, 2021 Dilijan, Armenia
This unique retreat will provide you with knowledge of your individual anatomy and the tools for self-healing and vibration enhancement.

You will learn how to correct your physical posture and asymmetrical inner imbalances, how to regulate your emotions, get in touch with your true potential, and reprogram your mind and body to heal.
About the Retreat
The retreat is designed in a very powerful place in Dilijan National Park to maintain a holistic experience and promote a deeper connection with nature, your body, mind and spirit. Accommodation at Vanatun Monastery Stay is a family-run boutique hotel with stunning outdoor views and mountain scenery, a beautiful garden, spacious yoga room to practice, delicious food and comfortable accommodation options.

In the crazy pace of life, in the endless routine of everyday affairs, obligations, we increasingly need to allow ourselves time for a break and understanding whether we are going there. And what could be more enjoyable and more productive than being filled with vitality and inspiration, no matter how a trip to beautiful Armenia in the company of new friends and unforgettable landscapes.

A yoga tour is a special form of re-creation, during which you can take an exciting journey, enjoy the magic of being in nature, visit places of energy sources of power, visit local attractions, jointly resolve life situations, devote time to your body and inner feelings, and most importantly, spend it time with benefit and pleasure for yourself.

The best exploration in life is yourself. Yes, you are strong, smart and experienced. You've gone through trials and learned your lessons. But still something is missing, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, internal imbalance and tension, physical inadequacy, confusion or emotional decline.

Why should you go on a yoga tour?

A change of scenery
To look at yourself and your life from the outside with a fresh look, you need to change the usual environment. Yoga retreat is what you need for a comfortable reboot! With our retreat and the program you will have an amazing upgrade experience.

Only you
For 7 days you will plunge (or remember) what it means to devote time only to yourself. Relatives, loved ones, work, obligations and all matters for a week will remain away from you. You will enjoy yourself with energies and resources.

Collective energy
Our journey is not just another vacation, but also a pleasant, deep work on ourselves. Imagine that your efforts and energy are easily multiplied by a dozen times thanks to the other participants on the tour. Such a powerful concentration of energy has a beneficial effect on your results!

After traveling, many participants find their way, start their own business, harmonize relationships, heal their bodies, attract worthy partners and create happy strong families. Isn't that a miracle? Yes! And we create it together!

We always value your travel time. We build each of our tours in such a way that you have the time and opportunity to truly relax: to be nourished by nature, take a walk, see the sights, visit the most beautiful places and excursions and reboot thanks to our wonderful program.

Join this unique, holistic and invigorating retreat with Natalia Fata by filling out the online registration form here.
Retreat Programme
Arrival at the hotel: Tuesday afternoon, May 11, 2021

Retreat start date: Wednesday early morning, May 12, 2021

End date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Daily Program:
7:00 - 08:30 Hatha Yoga
8:30 - 10:00 - Breakfast
10:30 - 14:00 - Sightseeing
14:00 - 15:30 - Lunch
16:00 - 18:00 - Lecture
18:30 - 20:00 - Dinner
20:30 - 22:00 - Yin Yoga

3 lectures (90 mins each) during the whole retreat:
  1. How the correct posture effect our energy and well being. Types of posture and effective correction methods.
  2. Healing the childhood traumas and working with ancestors energy.
  3. Energy - why we lose and how to increase it.

About the Trainer
Natalia Fata
ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer
Natalia is not a doctor, but a teacher trainer and a starting yoga therapist with 20-years of personal practice and 13 years of teaching. She believes the competent use of yoga practice and 3D movements sometimes restores and heals the body better than endless medications and injections. And most importantly, thanks to yoga therapy, correct biomechanics, kinesiotherapy, vitality rises, a person becomes more energetic and cheerful!

In teaching yoga and conscious movement, Natalia has a comprehensive, holistic approach, applies psycho-technology of yoga and modern yoga therapy techniques combined of physical activity, breathing, meditation, integral neuroprogramming and classical techniques for working out with physical body, spirit and the subconscious mind.

At the moment, Natalia continues the yoga therapy studies to improve her skills with the famous Russian yoga therapist and doctor - Sergey Agapkin.

Accommodation & Fees
For our unique yoga retreat, we have chosen a unique place, the Vanatun Monastery Stay hotel in Armenia.
The hotel is located in a very beautiful place, surrounded by forests and mountains of the Delizhan reserve, next to the ancient monastery of Haghartsin (XI-XIII century).

The atmosphere of the beauty of mountain nature and the energy of ancient places is best suited for wonderful relaxation, recovery and deep immersion in practice.

The hotel has 1 room type: Standard rooms with 2 single beds.

The cost of the full program of yoga retreat (yoga classes and lectures), accommodation in a 2-bed shared standard room with 3 meals a day and an excursion program for 1 person 83,000 rubles for the entire period of the retreat if prepayment is made before April 30, 2021, then the cost increases to 90,000 rubles. Since the number of participants is limited, hurry up - there may be no place available.

Included in the price:
> accommodation - 7 nights in a hotel in the mountains Vanatun Monastery Stay in the Delizhan reserve, a very beautiful place
> 3 meals a day. Food made from fresh and organic products. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.
> excursions
> group transfer

The price does not include:
> plane tickets
> individual transfer from the airport to the hotel and back (40$ - one way per transfer)

About Dilijan, Armenia
Dilijan is an old and beautiful city where there is everything a tourist needs to be happy: picturesque streets, beautiful nature around with mountains, forests and lakes and historical sights to admire. Moreover, it is also the main cultural center of Armenia: the fact is that many intellectual and creative workers have lived in Dilijan for a long time: scientists, composers, cinematographers and painters. There is a famous music school and a lot of rest homes for representatives of the respective professions.

Dilijan is located in the northeastern part of the Armenian Highlands and, in fact, on the territory of the reserve of the same name, one of the most remarkable in the south of the Caucasus. The city itself has the status of a national park. And in its surroundings there are amazing medieval monasteries that deserve a must visit.

Dilijan is located in 2hours 15 minutes car drive from the Yerevan - the capital of Armenia and the airport.

Excursion Programm
May 12 - Guided tour
Haghartsin Monastery - Hidden Waterfall

May 13 - Guided tour
Lake Sevan - Dilijan - Lake Parz

May 14 - Free day

May 15 - Guided tour
Goshavank - cave tour to Lake Gosh (2.6 km 45 min.)

May 16 - Active sports
Yell Extreme Park (www.yellextremepark.com)

May 17 - Active Sports
Rafting in the Debed River, Lori region
Registration and Payments
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Payment method
By clicking and paying the retreat fee, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own health conditions and decisions.
If you have any additional questions or queries please contact me by admin@nataliafata.com or my WhatsApp
+971 55 8600677
How can I register for the retreat?
Please complete the registration form here , and complete your payments online. You can pay by any bank card.
Can I pay in Euros or USD?
When registering, you must pay for a yoga retreat (RUB 78,990) to secure a place. Or you can transfer money in Euros or US Dollars via Western Union according to the exchange rate.
How do I book and pay my accommodation fees?
After you have made the full payment, the hotel will be informed of your arrival.
Airport meeting and transportation.
Closer to the beginning of the yoga retreat, please inform us about your arrival and departure details, and we will arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel. You can pay the cost of the transfer upon arrival at the airport ($ 40 one way). You can also share the cost of the transfer with other participants.
Where can I have lunch and dinner?
3 meals a day are included in the retreat, if you want additional meals you can buy in the nearest cafes and shops.
What about the sightseeing tours?
During your free time, Dilijan really has many beautiful places worth visiting and taking pictures. We have organized a very rich and active excursion program for the whole group. The cost of excursions is included in the price of the entire retreat.
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