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9 - 10 Dec 2023 / Inspire Yoga studio

If you suffer from back pain, or you have clients whom you genuinely want to help to heal their lower back pain, and for this, you need more information and understanding of the causes and symptoms, plus you also want to receive solutions and practices that you can easily implement in your daily life, then this 6-hours intensive seminar is for you.
Open to all levels. Whether you are trying to correct your health with the help of yoga or you are a professional working with clients, this seminar will provide your with significant knowledge in back pain.
1. Anatomy of the Spine and Pelvis
Mio-skeletal system. Identifying blind and inactive spots, hypertension and hypotension of the muscles and tissues. Discovering safe range of motion in lower back, SI and hip joints. Biomechanics.
2. Role of neurology and fascia in pain
Importance of fascia in stabilisation and healthy range of movement in joints. Nerval endings and receptors mimicking the pain.
3. Importance of Diaphragm in healing back pain
How to activate it and how to train the diaphragm so it creates the stability in the Core and Abdominal muscles. Importance of Deep Core and Abdominal muscles in healthy spine movements.
4. Practices to release hypertension and increase flexibility.
5. Practices to activate and strengthen weak spots and increase stability.
6. Psychosomatics of the lower back pain
Understanding the inner belief system that creates tension or instability in the lower back area. Healing past emotional traumas - fear and safety-based.
  • Natalia Fata
    ERYT500 Yoga Trainer, Spiritual Healer
Natalia Fata is not an ordinary yoga teacher; she possesses a unique and profound healing gift that has touched the lives of many. With a deep passion for yoga and an innate ability to connect with others on a spiritual and emotional level, Natalia has become a beacon of light for those seeking physical, mental, and emotional healing through yoga practice.

Natalia's journey into the world of yoga began as a personal quest for well-being and self-discovery. However, as her practice deepened, she realized her innate capacity to guide and heal others through yoga. Her classes are a sanctuary where individuals of all levels can find solace, not just in the physical postures, but also in the serene space she creates for self-reflection and personal growth. Natalia's healing gift is evident in her intuitive teaching style, which adapts to the unique needs of each student, allowing them to explore their own healing potential on and off the mat.

Beyond the physical practice and yoga, Natalia incorporates mindfulness, spiritual healing, breathwork, and meditation to help her students release emotional burdens, find inner peace, and unlock their inner strength. Her warm heart and soothing voice, coupled with her healing touch, have made her a beloved yoga teacher, empowering countless individuals to embark on their own transformative journeys toward their True Self, healing and self-empowerment. Natalia Fata is not just a yoga teacher; she is a true healer, nurturing the bodies, minds, and spirits of those fortunate enough to cross her path.
1 - Choose the package. 2 - Process your payment.
3 - Complete the registration form (* obligatory).4 - We will meet at the seminar.
Online Participation
The seminar will be delivered via ZOOM. All the material (lectures and practices) will be recorded and you will have access for 6 months to all the course materials.
Live Participation
You have a chance to be diagnosed and corrected by Natalia Fata. You will also have access to all the course material (lectures and practices) for the next 6 months.
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