Recalibration is an optimizing and illness-preventive method in every
person's life. This program is the foundation of a healthy, vibrant, and balanced life, for you and your family, for self-realization, well-being, improving the quality of life, and for the birth and development of healthy future generations.


is a guided program with easy steps to help you live healthier, happier, and connect to your true self. This 14-week course builds a solid and long-lasting foundation for your present, for your future and equips you with knowledge and techniques to support a better future for your family.


This is an amazing opportunity for beginners and advanced levels equally, to do a very thorough detox and cleansing of the digestive, and lymphatic systems from toxins, free radicals, heavy metals, and pathogenic flora. As a result, you will activate the internal self-optimization and healing processes on a cellular level. Your immune system will improve and your metabolism will increase. The knowledge, practices and techniques acquired during the program will be forever with you, and can be used anytime and anywhere.


You will embark on the most joyful and exciting journey of reconnecting with your physical vessel on a deeper level through body awareness, listening and interpreting its signals and messages. The program's delightful body works are designed for body conditioning, cleansing, and building strength, stamina and flexibility. Activation and training of your diaphragm will improve the core, abbs, pelvic, and lower back muscles. You will learn special breathing techniques for lymph flow, energy boost, deeper relaxation, and managing daily stresses.


The most important, life-changing experience will be through the recalibration of your
old ego-mind and ancestral programming, of limiting beliefs, spiritual healing, and energy work. You will identify and remove any hurdles blocking your happiness, abundance and financial flow; decreasing your health, and preventing your self-realization. As a bypass product, you will learn how to work with EGO and subconsciously self-inflicted mind limitations. You even may take a step closer to finding your life purpose and the higher calling of your Soul and Higher Self.
The basis of the Recalibration course is the


which have changed many lives...
The concept of health is based on long-known, but all forgotten laws of nature that people have observed and followed for thousands of years. The concept of health allows people to be aligned with themselves again as one whole mechanism, treat it accordingly and holistically, and learn to self-care, and their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects. The concept of health provides ways to reactivate healthy cell regeneration, slow down the aging processes of the body, and maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.
Learn how to benefit from this concept...
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Register for the program and recalibrate your body, mindset and life!

Almost every one of us receives a young, healthy, vibrant and functional body at birth

But we don't receive a manual on how to use our body and inner potential properly and effectively. Only throughout life, we learn how to do so, and most of the time we fail to learn...

Have you ever thought about why we strive to be slim?

Why does everyone want to look young so much?

Why are we so attracted to happy, content and energetic people?

And why do we like to be around successful and rich people?

Because we all want to be HAPPY, FULFILLED, and HEALTHY! Even the richest person in the world knows that self-realization, health and inner balance are more valuable than anything else in this world.
Natalia Fata


This fundamental, body, mindset and life-changing program is for those who:
want to improve the quality of health
want to go through a very thorough physical, mental, and emotional detox and cleanse
improve immunity and metabolism
want to have a healthy body, clearance of the mind and happy life
want to lose weight and heal from illness
gain healthy and glowing skin
slow down the aging processes
feel the need to support the healthy regeneration of cells
are looking for their life-purpose
want to identify the ego-mind programs and recalibrate the mindset
feel that they are not living their own life
want strong and happy relationships
want to activate abundance and financial flow
want to move from a victim position and become the Co-creator
live in chronic stress, anxiety, neurosis, powerlessness and fear
want to give birth to healthy children
want to live a free, happy life
want to find their purpose and seek spiritual growth and ascension


with mental illness
with addictions
who are going through or have undergone chemotherapy
who are suffering from severe chronic illnesses and didn't get doctor consent to be part of the program

My Name is Natalia Fata

And for the last 25 years, I have been practicing and teaching yoga. For the last 5 years, I have been teaching yoga therapy, psycho-technologies of yoga, healthy yogic lifestyle, and nutrition. The Concept of Health, Spiritual Healing, and Deeper Connection with the body are now my main subjects in my teaching and work with my clients.

During this time, I helped and guided thousands of people with my holistic approach. And piece by piece I have created my transformative and healing method and RECALIBRATION 14-week program.




Payment & Registration

Proceeding with the payment and completing the detailed Health Questionnaire, which will be sent in the email along with the LOGIN details.

Getting Ready

After the payment and based on your contact and address details the necessary supplements will be shipped to your address. You draw your path and set-up the goals.

Start of the Course

Based on your package you will have the schedule of online meetings, 12-month access to all lectures, yoga, breathing, and spiritual healing sessions.


At the beginning of each week you will have detailed and clear instructions on what supplements and cleansing procedures to take, what sessions and lecture to accomplish.

Self-reflection & Self-study

To self-observe, you will start cultivating new habits, mindfulness, daily journaling, physical practice, and mindset work on a regular basis.

End of the Journey

Gathering your trophies, learned lessons and victories in one place to see clearly how far you have come and what you have achieved. Recap on future steps, collection of the instruments, tools and knowledge on how to apply in the future and live by the Concept of Health.


No Supplements
14-week group mentorship
Full participation
12-month access
5 blocks of lectures and group sessions
10 masterminds
Group Chat
$ 1750


With Supplements
14-week group mentorship
Full participation
12-month access
5 blocks of lectures and group sessions
10 masterminds
Group Chat
$ 2700


Premium Pacakage +
Exclusive Benefits
BRT diagnostic (in-person)
2 Therapy sessions (in-person)
Personal mentorship
Individually designed training and nutrition plan
10 private online spiritual coaching
2 Raja Yoga session
Activation of the Intuition
$ 1750
Start of the Course
Please make sure, you complete your registration at least one week prior the start date of the course, to avoid delays with supplement delivery. Get ready with your motivation, goals, photos, and body measurements.
End of the Course
A 14-week online course
The GRAND FINALE!!! You are finishing may be the most exciting period of your life and now are ready for the new YOU starting to create the new life of your dreams and well-being.
Questions anybody?
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