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A monthly membership of powerful elaboration of mindset, psycho-emotional^ subconscious blockages, ancestral and karmic programming

CLUB is :
✦ Mega effective practices for revealing yourself, inner potential and spiritual heart

✦ Sacred knowledge of Quantum field, ancestrology, motivational lectures and in-depth analyses

✦ A strong environment of like-minded and interesting people and new acquaintances

The opportunity to get out of the vortexes of suffering, fear and lack of money, activate and learn how to use karmic and ancestral superpowers, plunging into the depths of inner peace and harmony
✦ Keys to EGO-mind control, emotions inner strength and harmony with the inner and outer worlds


This fundamental, body, mindset and life-changing program is for those who:
want to improve the quality of health
want to go through a very thorough physical, mental, and emotional detox and cleanse
improve immunity and metabolism
want to have a healthy body, clearance of the mind and happy life
want to lose weight and heal from illness
gain healthy and glowing skin
slow down the aging processes
feel the need to support the healthy regeneration of cells
are looking for their life-purpose
want to identify the ego-mind programs and recalibrate the mindset
feel that they are not living their own life
want strong and happy relationships
want to activate abundance and financial flow
want to move from a victim position and become the Co-creator
live in chronic stress, anxiety, neurosis, powerlessness and fear
want to give birth to healthy children
want to live a free, happy life
want to find their purpose and seek spiritual growth and ascension
This unique QUANTUM HEALING CLUB will give you an unforgettable experience of interacting with yourself, with your family, with your soul and your subconscious

  • Learn to take full responsibility of your reality, lifestyle and wellbeing
    ✦ Energy and resource recovery
    ✦ Empowered desire and impulse to do and to act
    ✦ Relationships with a partner will be filled with warmth and love
    ✦ Relationships with parents/family will improve
    ✦ Gain a sense of support and integrity
    ✦ Increase of income, new unexpected sources of income appear
    ✦ There will be many opportunities and offers in different areas of life
    ✦ Learn to identify and heal ancestral dynamics in your family
    ✦ Children will stop getting sick and showing negative emotions
    ✦ Improve of your wellbeing and health
    ✦ Start breathing deeply and in full capacity
    ✦ Take life into your own hands and start making decisions
Natalia Fata is an outstanding international yoga trainer, DECODER and quantum healer, leading the path to spiritual enlightenment that began more than 20 years ago. Born into a simple family where spirituality, interaction with energies and health care were important values, Natalia was always surrounded by spirituality, energy healing and inspiration.

Trained in Yoga, Ancestrology, and Quantum Healing by International Masters and initiated by Supreme Masters, she has become a passionate practitioner and student of spiritual arts and purposes.

Her integral approach to body works combined with deep knowledge of the subtle world, esotericism, genome and quantum energy, makes her one of the sought-after specialists in the field of spiritual development and healing, both in the Russian and English-speaking markets.

Natalia has dedicated her life to helping people find a different kind of peace, harmony and existence in their body, mind and soul, and her work continues to inspire and transform the lives of many people.

Access to the library

Lectures, practices, and meditations

✦ 3 group weekly healing sessions (120-min each)

✦ 1 Raja Yoga Therapy session

✦ Networking

✦ Private group chat on Telegram

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