Learn how to identify and correct efficiently "sleeping weak areas", reduce pain and bring long lasting results to your customers.

Most needed and most wanted 50-hrs YACEP course for fitness and yoga professionals and for everyone with incorrect posture, no progress in flexibility, back & neck complains, headaches and back pain issues.
6 weeks course in Biomechanics, Functional Anatomy, Yoga Therapy and Posture Correction

14 March - 24 Apr 2021


19:00 – 21:00 DXB time

50 hours of combined lectures and practical exercising toward Continuing YA training.
30 hrs of lectures and practical training classes will be ONLINE via ZOOM.
20 hrs of Practicum will be delivered over one Intensive weekend (23-24 April 2021) at Inspire Yoga Studio in Dubai.

Note: Upon successful completion you will receive a YACEP 50-hrs certificate.
It is responsibility of each and every one of us to heal and take good care of our physical bodies.
"As a fact poor posture influences billions of people every day due to sedentary way of life and lack of movement people experience lots of pain and discomfort not only in the back or spine but also other areas of the body, which are actually very much related.

Working with many students, seeing that almost everyone has issues with their biomechanics and all the time explaining the same thing over and over again have inspired me to design this course .

The main goal of this training is to educate participants about functional anatomy, 3D movement, biomechanics, back health, well-being, correct posture and alignment, educate them how to design effective individual training programs and help them to fix painlessly postural issues and gain long lasting results.

From Day 1 you will be learning specific neurologically and biomechanics-based gait and movement assessments that will give you tremendous insight into why clients move the way they do, as well as a path for helping them improve. "
by Natalia Fata
Ordinary People
who wants to understand what is wrong with them and learn how to fix their back and correct posture, health and flexibility issues, chronical pain and improve well-being
Fitness trainers
who wants to deepen knowledge in biomechanics, do the posture analysis and offer their clients effective and long - lasting trainings
Yoga Teachers
who through careful body reading, awareness, mindful movement, pranayama techniques, myofascial release & effective stretching techniques wish helping their yoga students to advance in well-being and practice
This unique course is for you and is focusing on:
Identifying the Posture type and its weak and tight areas + learning how to work with them
Healing back pain by activating the deep core muscles and stabilising spine and pelvis
Correction of Biomechanics and improving the way you move
Activation, balancing and strengthening weak muscles and kinetic chains
Improving mobility in major joints: Sacro-Iliacus, Spine, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
Increasing flexibility
Trigger points & Myofascial release techniques
How to work with individual physical limitations (nerval, bone and connective tissue) and joint destructions
Recognise your posture?

If yes, do you know how to correct it?
Course Program
30 hrs of Lectures Online + 20 hrs of Practicum in- Studio
1. Posture Analysis - Posture Analysis (Pelvis Position, Posture types A – Kyphotic, B – Flat Concave & Lordotic, C – Kypho-Lordotic, D – Flat Back). Identifying position of the pelvis.

2. Everything about Biomechanics - By analysing personal movement in some postures, taking pictures or videos learning how to identify and correct unbalances and weak areas in the body.

3. Pain and Inflammation - learning about the Pain & how to specifically target the nervous system with exercise, how to incorporate structured, yet novel, training programs to enhance positive brain plasticity.

4. Core 1 (tests & basics) – Learning everything about the anatomy of Deep and Superficial Core, spine & pelvis stabilizers, the relationship between the correct breathing and core, importance of deep core activation. Identifying and correcting the "Rooftop" belly

5. Core 2 (practices) - Effective and simple techniques to awaken Deep Core muscles and get them integrated with the superficial core muscles and all other limbs.

6. Are you breathing correctly? Everything you need to know about breathing, types of breathing, correct breathing, and connection between breath & movement

7. Pranayama Techniques for different lifestyles - Learning effective pranayama techniques for Yin and Yang lifestyle

8. Building stability and strong foundation - Back to basics - Brain Gym, Reprogramming Neuron Connections, Precautions, asymmetrical and unilateral training

9. How and when to mobilize or stabilize pelvic halves and SI joints? - Importance of mobile SI joint in spine health, forward folds, general flexibility and range of motion in all joints

10. How to make your hamstrings flexible? - Everything you need to know about the SBL - myofascial back line, physical and nerval limitations. You will learn possible causes of hamstrings and SBL tightness, plus you will learn healthy stretching and effective mobilization and PNF techniques.

11. Upper Body, shoulders & neck

12. Standing Poses + 1-leg balance

13. TFL, Glutes, IT Band, Knees and Ankles

14. Hip Flexors

15. Hip Joints and Hip Openers

16. Core 3 (Advanced)

17. Posture Correction & designing personal practice for A – Kyphotic type

18. Posture Correction & designing personal practice for B – Flat Concave & Lordotic type

19. Posture Correction & designing personal practice for C – Kypho-Lordotic type

20. Posture Correction & designing personal practice for D – Flat Back type

21. Myofascial release 1 (back, sacrum and glutes)

22. Myofascial release 2 (legs, shoulders, upper body, neck)

23. Stretching & Strengthening 1 (back line, hamstrings and back arms and upper body)

24. Stretching & Strengthening 2 (lower back and hip openers)

25. Stretching & Strengthening 3 (front line, hip flexors, front arm and upper body)

26. Flexibility - How to improve Flexibility and have long lasting results?

About the Trainer
Natalia Fata

ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher
Natalia is not a doctor, but a teacher trainer and a starting yoga therapist with 20-years of personal practice and 13 years of teaching. She believes the competent use of yoga practice and 3D movements sometimes restores and heals the body better than endless medications and injections. And most importantly, thanks to yoga therapy, correct biomechanics, kinesiotherapy, vitality rises, a person becomes more energetic and cheerful!

In teaching yoga and conscious movement, Natalia has a comprehensive, holistic approach, applies psycho-technology of yoga and modern yoga therapy techniques combined of physical activity, breathing, meditation, integral neuroprogramming and classical techniques for working out with physical body, spirit and the subconscious mind.

At the moment, Natalia continues the yoga therapy studies to improve her skills with the famous Russian yoga therapist and doctor - Sergey Agapkin.
Students' results...
Standard 1
(only online patricipation)

Recordings available only during the course, LIVE participation is required
  • 26 lectures (50 hrs) in total
  • 30 hrs of online lectures & practices
  • 20 hrs of practicum (manual therapy, miofascial release techniques, biomechanics and posture analysis) with online access
  • YACEP Certificate of attendance
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Standard 2
(online + offline participation)

Recordings available only during the course, LIVE participation is required
  • 26 lectures (50 hrs) in total
  • 30 hrs of online lectures & practices
  • 20 hrs of practicum in-Studio (manual therapy, miofascial release techniques, biomechanics and posture analysis)
  • YACEP Certificate of attendance
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(online + offline participation)


Lectures and Practices are recorded and available for 6 months after the course end date
  • 26 lectures (50 hrs) in total
  • 30 hrs of online lectures & practices
  • 20 hrs of practicum in-Studio (manual therapy, miofascial release techniques, biomechanics and posture analysis)
  • YACEP Certificate of attendance
  • Participant's posture analised by the Trainer
  • Personal training program according to the individuals needs designed by the Trainer
  • Individual support and assistance during the course
  • 1 Follow - up private session after the course
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