"How to achieve #confidence? How to generate it in yourself? Everyone is talking about how it should be, but no one can say anything intelligible about how to get there. #Affirmations lead to the very bravura and (not real) feeling of "confidence". What needs to be done so that true confidence and knowledge will settle in every our cell, if initially they are not there? "

⚡️ This topic had been for many centuries and still is as relevant as ever. And it will remain so, if we do not understand the main thing, and if we do not begin to work with the cause, not with the symptoms. The reason is always the same - the thought that we choose to think, or believes that we have. Our conviction is nothing but thoughts we choose again and again and therefore they become firmly fixed in the mind. That conviction and believes are false.

But we do not understand that we believe in lies - we believe in our thoughts, we believe in our own sense of inferiority, we believe in the subconscious feeling that we are unworthy, that we are not loved, that we do not reach to any level, we people consider "self-confident". And believing in it, believing our thoughts, we say to ourselves "I'm not sure of myself". And when someone says - affirmations will help, then we perceive them as a technique of lying to ourselves. We are trying to convince ourselves with their help, but in the depths of our hearts we continue to think that this is all self-deception.

And here is a dog buried. I would like to repeat that again, so more people will hear it: When we say to ourselves: "I deserve the best", "I love myself", "I am fine, I am self-confident" – actually we do not pretend and do not lie to ourselves. Why? Only when we truly connect to our #TrueSelf, we know deep down there, we feel and experience such a state of unconditional love and gratitude to ourselves and others. That state of pure acceptance of ourselves and the whole world around is beyond any words

That state, when we are in the flow of life, when we are connected with our True Self, is who we really are.

For some people it may not be easy to connect to the knowledge of our essence and the truth, because it is covered with many layers of "self". So far, this "self" is our personality, what we call and believe is a "character" (which in fact is a combination of conditioned programs, social attitudes, parental or society beliefs, ideas of the environment) in which we grew up. Those mental layers of our unconscious programs, false and limiting beliefs, emotions and stereotypes are keeping us away from using all the opportunities, from expressing ourselves, from using our full potential. Everything that we didn't consciously choose by 90% percent, and therefore is not truly "ours", are removing and separating us from our center - our essence. Remember this, when we are no longer connected to our True Self and see the world through the prism of the acquired "i" (ego-mind, fears), we will always experience a false (FALSE!) feeling of #inferiority and #unworthiness, and we will be lacking self-love and confidence.

And if we continue to live in this false state, with these false thoughts, we, of course, will perceive the words "I love myself and deserve the best" as something foreign, wrong. Those words will seem to be lies to us, when in fact, a lie is the state of inferiority in which we are currently all living. That is why we will simply most of the times devaluate ourselves, because we forgot our value and self- worth.

When we start saying good words to ourselves, we begin to mentally praise ourselves, regularly notice only good things in ourselves and others. When we try to see around confirmation and signs from the world that everything is going well and will only be better, that we are loved and we are worthy of everything – we do not lie to ourselves, we actually consciously return ourselves to our True Center, to our True Self, to the perception of the truth. By saying good words, we change our attitude towards ourselves, we start expressing love, respect and care towards our Higher self. And by doing so…

And by doing so we move away from thoughts of our inferiority and unworthiness, which indeed is a lie. We consciously choose to raise our vibrations and to connect to the Divine truth. Only in that state by knowing that truth deep inside and being attuned to your inner wisdom and intuition we start changing and start to refuse the perception of the world through the acquired by mind (our EGO) false thoughts of false beliefs. We literally choose how to live our own lives and what to believe in.

Apply and Enjoy,

With much Love,

Natalia Fata