Detoxify your body on a cellular level,
upgrade your mindset and
begin transforming your reality
Detoxify your body at the cellular level,
upgrade your mindset and
begin transforming your reality
in 28 days.
My name is Natalia Fata

and for the last 25 years, I have been practicing and teaching yoga. For the last 5 years, I have been teaching yoga therapy, psycho-technologies of yoga, a healthy yogic lifestyle, and spiritual healing.

The Concept of Health, detoxification, holistic healing, and deeper connection with the body are now my predominant subjects in my teaching and work with my clients.

During this time, I helped and guided thousands of people with my holistic approach, and piece by piece I have created my transformative and healing methods, part of which THE CLEARATHON - a 30-day program that not only cleanses and transforms your body, but also helps you transform your mindset and habits.
This is an ONLINE and regular event.

Let's have an honest conversation!
Does that sounds like you? Prepare yourself because I am about to blow the lid on why the advice to stop making excuses, that is abundantly forced upon you by the mainstream self-help so called specialists is simplistic at best and dangerous at worst.
It's time for paradigms to shift.

You tried many strategies and programs and still you do not see any significant change in your body and life? You still don't understand why?
Join my 30-day Clearathon program, based on ancient yogic wisdom, coupled with self-optimization, detoxification and self-healing techniques to cleanse and reprogram your body, mind and life. Not only your mind will be blown away with the simplicity of solutions, but you will also understand and learn how to heal and change the causes and reasons of your current shape and state.
Do you find it difficult to get rid of toxins, edema, inflammation, stubborn fat and cellulite despite diets and intensive training routines?

Do you lack the needed energy to get things done and you feel tired and exhausted all the time?

Do you continuously experience mood swings or doubt yourself & lack confidence to pursue your dreams, reshape your body and change eating habits?

You still did not figure out how increase stamina, strength and flexibility?
Clearathon means "Cleansing marathon". It is a multipurpose author's online program, which is designed to cleanse your BODY and transform you in 28 days.

* skin quality improvement;

* removing age-related deformities of the face and body (protruding belly, sagging knees, double chin)

*hydrating and giving nutrients to all the cells


* deep tissue cleansing from toxins, parasites, pathogens and waste products;

* new habits and body awareness;

* decreasing inflammation, edema and cellulite;


* 60 informative lectures

* 27 practices of yoga therapy, yin yoga and smart fitness

* 2 neuroactivators to reprogram your mindset

* identifying and addressing negative ego-mind and ancestral programs

* increasing focus and concentration

*learning how to meditate

For you, if you:
  • 1
    Have extra weight, stubborn fat, edema, inflammation and cellulite.
  • 2
    Wake up in the morning tired and with low energy and has low Immunity.
  • 3
    Have high blood pressure, cholesterol, irregular bowel movement and other issues with the digestive system.
  • 4
    Have dark circles under their eyes and/or skin problems (acne, allergies, etc), hormonal unbalances and other diseases.
  • 5
    Seek to detoxify the body from metabolic waste, toxins, and patogenic flora, to reshape and minimize stubborn fat.
  • 6
    Want to boost the overall energy level and restore balance between their entire energetic network, major and minor chakras, meridians and channels.
  • 7
    Want to increase mental focus, concentration and become more effective and productive in their life.
  • 8
    Need to increase stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • 9
    Want to discover their hidden innate potential.
  • 10
    Desperately need to clear mental and emotional wounds, trauma, remove limiting beliefs and negative
    Ego-mind and ancestral programming.
Still hessitating?
Module #1 - Road Map
  • Welcome
  • Self-Assessment and Self-Diagnosis (breathing, eating habits, posture, sleep and stress, in what state and programming you are stuck)
  • Goal setting: drawing a road-map on how to achieve the desired results.
  • Key rules for a beautiful and slim body forever!
  • Habits that change you and your life so that you cannot return to the undesired previous state.
Module #2 - Understanding the Basics
  • Understanding our species.
  • How the body works.
  • The 4 basic processes.
  • The Body's systems.
  • Cell and Extracellular Matrix
  • The Concept of Health.
  • Biochemical processes, what are they?
Module #3 - Nutrition and the Foods we eat.
  • Carbs and Sugars and their metabolism
  • Proteins and their metabolism
  • Fats (lipids) and their metabolism
  • Enzymes, Vitamins, Essential Elements, phytochemical
  • Ph Factor of foods
  • The energy of food
  • Foods that heal
  • Acid/Alkaline Food Chart
  • Healthy Food combination
Module #4 - The Nature of Unbalance and Disease
  • Toxic Habits
  • Roots and Causes of Disease
  • Parasites and pathogenic flora
  • Why do we plague Cholesterol?
  • Adrenal Gland weakness - Female and Male disorders
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity, stubborn fat and Exessive Thinnes
  • Skin and its disorders
  • The connection between mind, emotions and cells
  • What is your body trying to tell you.
  • Developing body awareness and learning to read body messages
  • When to become alarmed?
Module #5 - Detoxification and Healing
  • Everything about Fasting. What is intermittent fasting? The advantages of such a power system.
  • Understanding the science of Detoxification
  • Inflammation and its causes
  • How do we activate self-optimization, cleansing and healing processes
  • Alkaline and Acid-forming foods and Detox
  • What to expect during the Detox
  • Intestinal and Liver washes
  • The Healing Crisis
Module #6 - Psychosomatics and Spiritual Aspects
  • Psychosomatics of Fat
  • Understanding your current state, relationships and reality you are in now
  • What you can do to change
  • Identifying and addressing negative Ego-mind or ancestral programs
Module #7 - Clearathon Practices & Breathing
  • Pranayamas - Clearathon breathing techniques (Classical, Burner and Bodyflex)
  • #1 Practice with Classical Breathing
  • #2 Practice with Burner Breathing
  • #3 Practice with Bodyflex Breathing
  • #4 Practice with Classical and Burner Breathing
  • #5 Practice with Burner and Bodyflex Breathing
  • #6 Practice with Classical, Burner and Boduflex breathing
  • Optional Practices
Module #8 - Tools for Healthy Living
  • 10 healthy habits
  • 4 tools to continue assisting your detoxification and vitality
  • Delicious healthy raw desserts menu
  • How to continue to support the body and keep the healthy habits
1 - Diaphragm Activation + Breathing Techniques
  • Diaphragm and its importance - Lecture
  • Diaphragm Activation + improving Rib Cage flexibility
  • 3D core, safety tips, and Core Activation
  • How to train the diaphragm?
  • MFR for the spine
  • MFR for the DFL - Deep Frontal Line
  • Pranayamas - Clearathon breathing techniques (Classical, Burner and Bodyflex)

2 - 3D Practices
  • Full Body 3D Activation
  • Lower Extremities
  • Upper Extremities
  • Core and Abbs
  • Back and Spine

3 - Yoga Swift practices

4 - Neuroactivators

5 - Yin Yoga for acupuncture meridians
Kidneys + UB
Liver + GB
Heart + Lungs
Small and Large Intestines

6 - Joint Gym and Morning Lymph activation
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