A 30-day holistic healing protocol to reboot your cellular health, detox your body, and re-engineer your metabolic function
Shed fat rapidly and effectively
Take years off your biological age
Heal chronic conditions at their root
Create mindset shifts that lasts
Many of us are just not feeling our vibrant selves – either suffering from endless fatigue, energy slumps, brain fog, digestive issues, and unexplained weight gain that just won't go away - or battling new chronic or auto-immune conditions, some of which seem to be spreading like wildfire in our modern era, like PCOS, Hashimoto's and others like it.

The truth is, the modern world is the cause of most of these problems. We live in a world filled with toxins and lifestyles that are damaging our cellular health, causing our bodies to deteriorate and making us feel sick, tired, overweight, and depressed!

And modern medicine isn't helping - it's either just treating the symptoms, without getting to the root cause of the problem. Or, in a lot of cases today, it just isn't helping at all!

Doctors and dietitians can leave you feeling frustrated, alone, and sometimes even crazy, causing you to question yourself or feel hopeless about fixing the puzzling ways your body behaves.

Our collective health is on a downward spiral 👎🏼

Band aid solutions aren't going to help! What most people need to understand is how to holistically heal their body and reset their cellular-level health.

Your cellular health affects everything - your hormones, your energy levels, your inflammation levels, your gut health, your ability to lose weight.

Reversing the damage on a cellular level and restoring your cellular health is literally like giving your body a RESET.

You restore function from inside out and treat your body at its root, from where all these symptoms and conditions come up from.
A proven 30-day protocol that's helped 1000's of men and women take back control, hit the reset button, and start healing their body and restoring their cellular health.

Reset your body with CLEARATHON®

But here's the truth
CLEARATHON® is a rapid cleansing marathon that's designed to give your body a reboot in 30 days.

The unique protocol involves a 360° wellness approach that combines scientifically proven ancient yogic wisdom, detoxification and self-healing techniques to cleanse and reprogram the body on a cellular level, built on 4 foundational building blocks:
The CLEARATHON® is for you if you…
Are struggling to lose weight despite diet and exercise, have stubborn fat, cellulite, edema, inflammation or a sluggish metabolism
Constantly feel fatigued and low on energy, and struggle with focus, mental clarity, lack of motivation and unexplained mood swings
Have digestive issues, like irregular bowel movement, constant belching, bloating, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, hyperacidity or gas, or a disturbed poop cycle
Have hormonal imbalances like PCOS, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, or suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, hirsutism, or fertility challenges
Have skin problems such as acne, dark circles, extreme dryness, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, melasma, hives, allergies or dermatitis
Have a chronic or auto-immune disorder like Hashimoto's or Graves, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, cholesterol
Face anxiety & brain fog, mood swings, depression, or a constant feeling of stress that keeps coming back in a recurring cycle
Suffer from chronic aches & pains, like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain in the knees, hips, or wrists, or discomfort and stiffness due to posture

CLEARATHON® is NOT recommended for you if you are:

Pregnant or breastfeeding
Diaphragmatic hernia
Heart disease
Oncology (after consultation with the attending physician)
Not willing to make changes in your diet and lifestyle
A Method That Works In 30 Days
Real results from past participants of CLEARATHON®
What's Included In Your CLEARATHON®
Step-by-step 30-day protocol that's easy to follow
Instant access to complete CLEARATHON® online program
Online library with 30+ lectures, 27+ practices
Weekly live check-in sessions with Natalia every Tuesday for 2 months
24x7 Telegram group chat with for Q&A's and community progress updates
Access to 24x7 on-demand online portal for 2 months
Support by Natalia's team during your reset via Telegram chat
BONUS: 2 Neuroactivator lectures to reprogram your mindset
CLEARATHON® Program Details
Module #1 – Welcome & Drawing your Road Map
  • Learn to fully leverage this course for the best outcomes
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Introduction to the Clearathon® Method
  • Self-assessment and Self-diagnosis to evaluate your current state
  • Goal-setting and creating a road map to achieve results
  • How to navigate the course library for a smooth journey
  • Role of supplements and recommended supplements
Module #2 - Foundations of Wellness, Health and Nutrition
  • Grasp foundational concepts of health and nutrition for lasting wellness
  • Principles of an anti-inflammatory diet
  • PH factor of foods and how to balance between alkaline and acid foods
  • What are biochemical processes and how they impact health
  • Understand your body's metabolic processes to effectively manage weight
  • Why low-calorie diets are dangerous
  • Learn why movement is crucial for your cells, fascia and the lymphatic system
Module #3 - Detoxification and Healing
  • Kickstart with an easy-to-follow, 30-day detox plan
  • Root causes of inflammation and how to combat it
  • How to trigger your body's self-healing & cleansing mechanisms for optimal health
  • What to expect during your detox journey for a smoother experience
  • The modern healing crisis
Module #4 - Psychosomatics & Healing
  • Build somatic awareness to "tune in" to your body
  • Explore the psychosomatics of fat that contribute to weight
  • How to assess your current state from a psychosomatic perspective
  • Identify psychosomatic blocks that may be hindering your progress
  • Learn how to increase and sustain Body Awareness
  • Ego-mind beliefs and their impact on physical, emotional & mental health
  • Identify and overcome unconscious ancestral programming
Module #5 - Clearathon® Method (Breathing + Practice)
  • Master pranayamas that supply your body with oxygen while removing toxins
  • Learn breathing techniques, including Classical Breathing, Burner Breathing, Clearathon® Breathing
  • Alignment and safety tips
  • Contraindications and Precautions
  • #1 Practice with Classical Breathing
  • #2 Practice with Burner Breathing
  • #3 Practice with Clearathon® Breathing
  • #4 Practice with Classical and Burner Breathing
  • #5 Practice with Burner and Clearathon® Breathing
  • #6 Practice with Classical, Burner and Clearathon® breathing
  • Bonus Practices
Online Library
1 - Breathing
Diaphragm and its importance - Lecture
Calming Breathing techniques (Pranayamas)

2 - Guided meditations
Neauroactivator – Antistress
Healing the Inner Child
Connecting with the True Self

3 - Joint Gym

4 - Morning Lymph Activation

5 - Yoga Swift - 6 Practices

6 - Yin Yoga - 3 Practice

7 - Yoga & Yoga Therapy - 4 Practices

8 - Yoga for Detox

9 - Yoga for Deep Sleep

What You Can Expect After CLEARATHON®

Here are just some of the changes you can expect to see after completing the 30-day protocol
Rapid Fat Loss
Shed stubborn fat deposits, particularly in areas resistant to traditional weight loss methods
Increased Energy Levels
Significant increase in energy, eliminating fatigue, sluggishness, and mid-day crashes
Mental Clarity and Focus
Improved mental clarity, concentration, memory retention, and cognitive function
Stable Digestive Health
Relief from digestive issues such as bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea
Balanced Hormones
Restored hormonal balance, improved symptoms associated with hormonal conditions
Reduced Inflammation
Alleviate chronic inflammation, pain, swelling, stiffness, and discomfort
Better Metabolic Function
Rev up your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently, regulate appetite and cravings
Better Skin Health
Clear, radiant skin, minimizing acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dark circles, dryness
Improved Mood
Reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and stress
Relief from Pain
Alleviate back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and muscular tension
Restored Sleep Quality
Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with restorative sleep no sleep disturbances
Complete Cleanse
Cleared system that is free from metabolic waste, toxins, and pathogenic flora
Hear from Past CLEARATHON® Participants
Instant access to complete online program by Natalia Fata for 2 months

Online library with 30+ lectures, 27+ practices of yoga therapy & smart fitness sessions

Weekly live check-in sessions with Natalia every Tuesday for 2 months
Start Your Clearathon® Cleanse Immediately!
24x7 Telegram group chat with for Q&A's and community progress updates

Support by Natalia's team during your cleanse via Telegram chat

BONUS: 2 Neuroactivator lectures to repogram your mindset
30-days self-directed cellular cleanse protocol
Clearathon® Program
I am 43 years old and I am a mother of 3 children.
For the last 25 years, I have been practicing and teaching yoga and for the last 5 years, I have been teaching yoga therapy, psycho-technologies of yoga, a healthy yogic lifestyle, and quantum healing.

The Concept of Health, detoxification, quantum healing, body awareness and deeper connection with the body and soul are now my predominant subjects in my teaching and work with my clients.

During this time, I helped and guided thousands of people with my holistic approach, and piece by piece I have created my transformative and healing methods, part of which is THE CLEARATHON® - a 30-day program that not only cleanses & transforms your body, but also helps transform your mindset & habits.
My Name is Natalia Fata
Good health should be accessible to everyone, which is why the CLEARATHON® includes everything you need at an affordable price, so you can make effective changes and thrive again!
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