How to work with your emotions?
Did you notice that especially lately, many of us have emotional "storms"? We get angry, nervous, anxious and very reactive easily. There is that feeling that there is no ground under our feet.

We all are living beings and we live according to the universal laws and energy. Whoever believes in planets and moon cycles will understand me. However, no matter how the stars appear in the sky, this does not make any easier for our "storm". What to do, how to cope with our inner hurricane?

1. Emotions are born from our thoughts, or rather from our perception of the situation, from HOW we interpret events in our mind, based on our experiences and the past.

2. With emotions, we react to what we are caught up with … fear or insecurity, or resentment. That is, "highlighting" our weaknesses that we need to focus on and to work out.

3. If you have been taught to suppress your emotions and you continue doing that, you are only aggravating the situation. Emotions are kind of our defence mechanism to process and to embrace our true feelings. When you eat something poisonous, you body, to avoid intoxication, will remove that poison by vomiting or diarrhoea. Emotions have that exact "removing the poison effect", and the feelings are that poison. If we don't process or experience them they start accumulating inside and start creating troubles in physical, mental and emotional bodies. We need to express our emotions so that we process and embrace our feelings in order to learn from them.

4. You cannot suppress or distance either your emotions or feelings. If you do, then you will be complicating things. Remember, whatever you resist will persist …And the more you continue suppressing the more energy you will waste. Instead of "draining" your energy and your resources, learn to listen to your feelings and emotions, and transform their energy into your dreams and goals. Ok, that sounds clear, but HOW?

5. To manage emotions and to control your "monkey mind", you need to switch from thinking "autopilot" to the state of " a silent and non-judgmental observer'. (Meditation plays here a huge role). Believe me, that is the only way to transfer your ATTENTION from thoughts to the Present Moment. How? through observing your breathing and heartbeat (pulse) and through activating your 5 senses at the same time.

6. In a state of awareness (being in the present moment), and being that silent observer, you can step back from the emotion and look soberly at the situation. You will understand many things. You will recognise your reactions and with a cold head you will be able make the right decision.

A person who can control their life and mind is capable to manifest all the wishes and goals and to create the life of their dreams.

Would you be interested to find out more on how to empower yourself with those qualities and take your life under your control? If yes, DM me, I am gathering a group to work with.