State of Being
Have you ever asked yourself – how and why you have changed? If you compare yourselves between the one, you as a child, and the one, who you are right now, what is different?

1) Remember how innocent we were in our childhood. We looked at life and everyone with delight and admiration. Life was magical and exciting, and even simple little things were perceived as something completely amazing. Our hearts were filled with love, joy, limitless fantasies, and we believed: life is magical!

2) Years pass, we grew up. Imperceptibly, the joyful expectation of miracles was replaced by common sense and sense of responsibility. And right away from somewhere, fears, problems, doubts and difficulties appeared ...heaviness .

3) Growing up destroyed our children's illusions, and the magic, that we once believed in, faded and disappeared.

What if I tell you that magic itself and the magic in which we believed, when we were children, exists even now. It is real. The only thing why we don't see or recognise it anymore is - our focus, attention. We are so much filled with insults, fears, guilt, blame, insecurities, greed, doubts, disappointments that our attention is focused 24x7 only on negative aspects...

Whose faults is it? Of course, OURS. We get used to live on autopilot mode (it is easy, comfy and does not require any effort).

And here is the most exciting news!! We can change everything – we can switch from autopilot mode, that only sees negativity, to a high awareness mode where we see everything mostly positive and beautiful. By doing so, we start experiencing and seeing magic around and inside of us.

Can you just imagine how cool it will be, when you can get free from that heavy load of negativity and become HAPPY no matter of what.

Would you be interested in learning how to switch from autopilot to a high awareness mode? How to reset yourself and your life? If Yes, join my Instagram. My interest is only to share that knowledge and a full instruction of RESET in my next posts to as many people as possible. So, let's gather and build the community of strong people who want to transform to highly-functional and happy beings..

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