How to find your purpose?
1. Testing and training. There are a lot of different tests / exercises for the career guidance. I can not say that this is a reliable way, because it is a subjective method without a solid basis. I have not seen a large number of success stories in a modern world.

2. On the other hand, I do trust astrology and numerology because they are more specific, and sometimes I use them myself. They have a higher rate of success and are great tools for consultation.

3. I consider the most reliable way to determine the puspose of life is — a method of going in and connecting to our True-Self. You can do it through various meditation techniques or regression therapy. Such a Consultation on your purpose or mission in life should be done once by a professional, intelligent and experienced specialist. After that you will no longer return to this subject again, you will know all your answers.

4. If you do not have a chance to do any of the above you can do it by yourself. Find a calm, safe and peaceful place, sit in a comfortable position with a straight back. Do any kind of pranayama or simply take 10 deep long breaths through your nose to come to the present moment. Feel how you breath and activate all your 5 senses at the same time. Then set up an intention to find answers and ask yourself: "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my calling, my purpose in life?" Then start imagining a perfect world, where everything is for FREE. Food, clothes, education, accommodation of any kind are accessible to you. You don't have to earn money to get anything. Everything is easy to get. Because all your dreams come true you are in a constant state of gratitude and love. What would you do in your life to thank the universe for such FREE care and abundance? What would you enjoy doing every single day and you will not get bored? Education? Agriculture? Healing? Construction? Security? Work with nature, animals or people? What is it that is calling you and makes you excited to live every single day?

You may not find that all the answers and the exact calling straight away, though once you set up an intention, the answer or insight will come to you soon. Sometimes, your mission may change once you complete the first one.

Most of my students and clients tell me how easy it was for them. They say: " I after all really dreamed about it, but I did not have the courage to change my boring unloved work because of fears, and doubts, what if it will not work … ". The realisation of our purpose is already 70% of the job being done, the other 30% will be your action and execution plan.

When I was 20 years old, I realised that MINE was yoga, psychology and healing, and for almost 19 years I've been developing myself in this direction. I never get tired, I enjoy doing my favourite thing in the world every day and I constantly develop and improve.

When a person follows the path of his calling, or purpose or DHARMA in Sanskrit, he will always have both, pleasure and money …

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Have you found your calling or are you still in search?