Inner v.s. Outer
A relationship with a person is not what is reflecting from that person. It is exactly what is reflecting from us. Everyone inclined to see its own reflection in the outer world and in the other people. To a tired person everyone seems tired. To a sick person – sick. To a losing person – lost. To a happy and contented person – happy and pleased. We don't see the world we only see the content of our minds. Our minds are like filters. For example, if a filter is dirty – the content that passes through that filter will be dirty as well. Change, clear, calm your inner "filter" and you will experience the real truth.

The one who does bad to the other, first of all, that person harms himself. The one who does good to the other – does good to himself. We are caring the reasons or our misery, unhappiness and bliss, heaven or hell inside of us. Whatever happens to us, it happens because of us. The external causes are secondary, the internal causes are primary. And only when we comprehend this rule, the internal change / transformation will appear. We can change all our external environment, but actually nothing will be changed, we will feel the same at the end, because the internal remains untouched.

All causes are inside of us – there are only excuses outside. If we only change one minor thing from within, millions of changes will follow immediately. Every human lives and experiences his live from inner to the outer. Wherever we come, we immediately create our own reflection. Please understand, everything depends on us and begins from within. Our transformation depends on this. Remember, if you have a hell inside, so wherever you go you will carry that hell with you.

The change of the world begins from the change of ourselves…

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