(A case study from a consultation)

The other day I consulted a friend of mine on Skype. She is 35 years old, very unhappy with her life, relationships and career … She lives with an unloved husband, who is aggressive and emotionally and psychologically abuses her. At the same time he screams at their 10 y.o. daughter. She works at unloved work with a greedy boss and still she barely meets her ends….

I looked at her astrological chart and her numbers – she has got the most powerful potential and huge creative unrealised energy … However, she has got a complete mess in her head …

I ask: "Why do you live like this?»

Her answer shocked me …

[if !supportLists]- [endif]"Well, Natalia, I can not do anything, I must clean my karma".

In order to awaken her, I started gently asking questions:

  • Who told you that?
  • Why do you think so?
  • What is and why is it in your head?
  • Why do you choose to suffer when the universe is kind, abundant, caring and loving and is always helping us to be happy?
  • Why do you do everything possible, but you do not really change your life?
  • Why is it convenient for you to be a victim?
  • Why do you choose to think so limitedly: "I can't, I have to clean my karma …"
She, of course, opened up from her heart and many tears followed … Her awakening was very intense and emotionally heavy. We talked a lot… That day the healing happened straight away. I can give guarantee that from that one session her life will change a lot …

Through my yoga and meditation practice many wonderful insights and revelations started to happen, veils are removed, deep connections established. Many people started to reach out for help, advice and consultation.

Through many years of personal experience of healing and internal intense work I become very sensitive to people's pain and every time I am taking to someone I realise how much we all are lacking self-confidence. Actually, all problems in our lives start from here. We all unconsciously restrict ourselves with mental fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.

But, the good news is – we all can heal ourselves and remove all those unnecessary destructive programs and other waste!

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