Do not criticise others
Do you know why? The moment when you criticise or judge someone you are NOT present in your life, you are trying to live in that person's life or reality. And by doing so you are simply merging /wasting your energy in vain.

Any person with whom you communicate or have relationships is your mirror. You cannot be hooked or triggered by something that you don't have … If you see a bad qualities or in another, something that triggers a reaction in you it means those qualities and is also present in you … So, everyone is our teacher. For me that was a life lesson or that "AHA" moment.

Now, let's have a look at the world through the eyes of the man you are criticising, for just a second. Imagine yourself in his shoes … Every person strives for happiness, love and pain free life with every single action …

Now let me ask you a few questions:
Is it possible to judge a person if he is committed to happiness?
Is it possible to condemn a person if the Universe allowed him, despite how bad he/she is to exist, to be, to live their life?
Is it possible to criticise a person if even God (the Creator) does not judge us till death?
Who do we think we are by taking the position of a judge?

If a person is ready to hear your "invaluable" advice – then yes, give feedback through RISING it and inspiring them …

However the better and wiser will be instead of focusing on the others spend that precious time and energy on yourself, on your development and improvement. Only when you start having great and cool results – people themselves will approach and will ask you for advice.

Do you agree?
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