About Natalia
My Story
My yoga journey began in 2000 through a book that gave me all the answers and inspired me to practice yoga regularly. Then in 2008 I had a very painful condition with my spine ( I could not sit or lay down for two months without painkillers). Doctors could not find what it was. I took the situation in my hand and gently by listening to the needs of my body within two weeks fixed myself and that pain never came back. That experience taught me that we are the masters of our lives, health, and reality and that we can heal ourselves when we tune in and become whole.

My training is always delivered in a thought-provoking way letting the students reach beyond the limits of the mind, challenging them physically and emotionally for all levels, including minimal demonstrations and maximum hands-on assists. I always create a safe space in which everyone can access their personal truth, connect to their soul, identify their authentic self, and discover deeper degrees of self-awareness and joy. I help my students and clients connect their minds, body, and spirit while discovering the inner truth of one's themselves.

I follow my passion for teaching yoga worldwide and I enjoy guiding and coaching people towards their magnificence through a yogic journey of self-discovery.

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